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Central Iowa Christian School is a small school. Luckily, we partner with the Grinnell's public middle school to provide opportunities for our students to participate in band, choir and athletics. Participation in these programs not only enhances students' educations, it helps smooth the transition from CICS to the public high school after 8th grade. (It also gives our students a chance to shine as the lights we teach them to be!!)

GMS Band and Choir

Beginning in 5th grade, students can choose to participate in band or choir at Grinnell-Newburg Middle School. There is no cost, and students are transported to band or choir by a collective group of volunteer parents. 

The public school sets the band/choir schedules without input from CICS. This means the scheduling overlaps with different parts of the CICS day each year. Students are completely responsible for any work or lessons missed while they are at band/choir.

GMS Athletics

CICS students are welcome and encouraged to participate in athletics at the public middle school. Transportation is the parents' responsibilities. 

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